Adaptive-Charger Technology for Space Battery Systems

PROJECT TITLE: Adaptive-Charger Technology for Space Battery Systems



Period: 29 November 2013 - 21 December 2015

Project director: Dipl. Eng. Simion Dascalu

Project team: Human resources involved: over 20 researchers or engineers (140 person-months) 

Description: ADAPTIVE-CHARGER is an electronic intelligent system (EIS) with product-by-design concept to adapt itself to the badery’s specific charging needs, using sensors, that AdapGve Badery Charger can adjust the rate of charge regime accordingly with the accuracy of a quantum charge raGo for Li-Ion specific badery's electrode materials. 

The proposed ADAPTIVE-CHARGER can effecGvely charge a wide range of the Li-ion baderies sizes, without any overcharging, overheaGng and/or loss of the dielectric, thereby extending the badery life-cycle as system, also execute that recharge cycle aier each shallow discharge, Gme absorpGon will be much shorter, more efficient in terms of energy power response and, thereby is increasing that space badery's life. 

This project proposes a highly flexible innovaGve AdapGve Badery Charger with an electronic circuit that opGmizes the efficiency for a space badery charging. The EIS – Electronic Intelligent System includes a memory that stores Lithium-Ion / Li-polymer badery-specific charging characterisGcs, and to determine desired charging voltage and desired charging current based on measured environmental condiGons, such as the badery temperature, and all charging characterisGcs. The badery temperature is measured with the innovaGve sensors ideally embedded in each badery cells, which provide a highest level of redundancy required by ESA for the deep space missions. 

The project is addressing the research topics of the STAR Program 2013 as regarding the mulGdisciplinary and interdisciplinary scienGfic technology research and this is a boundary research in the area of future space power systems offering a very narrow performance and high compeGGvity for the emergent Romanian space industry. 

Project objectives:


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

Expected impacts and added-value by addressing the objecOves listed in the STAR programme 2013: