PROJECT TITLE: Modelling hybrid communication-navigation systems for formation flying satellites — HybridNavCom


Partners: -

Period: November 2014 - October 2016

Project director: Mihai Datcu

Project team:

CEOSpacetech: 3 staff

GMV: 3 staff

1 Master thesis to be produced in 2014

Staff will be supplemented in 2015/2016 stages

Description: This project aims at modelling relative navigation algorithms for missions with at least two vehicles in an innovative framework which makes efficient usage of the communication channel between the formation elements, and at evaluating the performance of the proposed theoretical model.

The proposed model will rely on the exploitation of waveform diversity, scattering mechanisms, channel capacity estimation, estimation of various signal forms, frequencies and polarization, combined with possible interferometric techniques for accurate ranging and positioning. 

At completion, estimated for the end of October 2016, the project will deliver a theoretical model for inter-satellite navigation and communication that goes beyond today’s solutions.

Project objectives:


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives: -