on 23 July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Scientific, Technical and Legal Support for Romania’s Participation in ESA Committees on Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation and Communication Satellites - EONAVCOM

Coordinator: University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine  Bucharest  


Period: 20 October 2012 - 19 October 2015

Project director: Prof. univ. dr. Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu 

Project team: 15 key experts and 8 additional experts from the three partners in the consortium

Description: The project EONAVCOM includes support actions to Romanian Space Agency to participate in activities  of three committees of European Space Agency: Earth Observation Programme Board (PB-EO), the Programme Board on Satellite Navigation (PB-NAV), and the Joint Board on Communication Satellite Programmes (JCB-COM). The project will also provide input data for the drafting of  a Romanian National Space Plan that should include a National Strategy for Space and an associated Programme of actions. The project plans to contribute to definition of  medium-term and long-term objectives for the Romanian space sector as well as the evaluation criteria to be able to measure whether the objectives will be  met within the approved timeframes. The actions and Programmes to be implemented should be also identified and proposed, as well as a first estimate of their financial implications. 

Project objectives:

General objectives of project:

Specific objectives of project:


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

The EONAVCOM project contributed to disseminate information about the European Space Agency's (ESA) Optional Programmes in the field of Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation and Communication Satellites, and to promote the opportunities offered by ESA to the Romanian industry in order to increase the number of contracts that ESA is granting to Romania as a Member State.

The project also contributed and provided scientific and logistic support to participation of ROSA delegates and experts in activities of ESA committees on EO, NAV and COM. 

EONAVCOM activities identified industry niches in the space applications sector in which Romanian actors could  perform successfully in contracts awarded by ESA, provided they will be able to reach the technology level and competitiveness required by the European Agency.