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ROSA took part in UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission to Tunisia

on 09 March 2020

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Badea, director of the Space Applications Department, represented the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) in the Technical Advisory Mission of UN-SPIDER to Tunisia from 4 to 6 March 2020 to identify the needs of the country to fully take advantage of space-based information for disaster management. 

In order to discuss the use of space-based information for risk and disaster management to subsequently make recommendations on improvements, the expert team meets with key disaster management authorities in the country. ROSA is coordinating the UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office.

The mission was conducted with the support of experts from the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL); the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA); the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA); the National Observatory of Athens (NOA); and an expert on the Copernicus Emergency Management Service. The mission team also benefited from the support of the Chief of Space Applications of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

During the mission, the team of experts visited several key institutions. The programme also included a workshop with over 20 participants from nine institutions with the purpose to present the UN-SPIDER programme to Tunisian counterparts involved in disaster management, and encourage inter-institutional cooperation and sharing of geospatial information among them.

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Badea also met with the Romanian Ambassador in Tunis, Dr. Dan Stoenescu. The Romanian Embassy said, in an official announcement, that „Romania's experience is important because our country is actively developing and using the unique services offered by the satellite systems for citizen-oriented space applications, in the form of telemedicine, disaster management and precision agriculture.” The two also discussed the possibilities for cooperation and support from the Romanian Space Agency for the establishment of the Tunisian Space Agency.

UN-SPIDER aims at ensuring all countries have the capacity to use all types of space-based information to support risk and disaster management efforts. To make sure that all interested stakeholders can benefit from this information in the most effective way possible, UN-SPIDER provides Technical Advisory Support to Member States through missions such as this one.