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Calls for public / private partnership panellists for the International Astronautical Congress

on 15 January 2020

The International Astronautical Federation has announced a call for your participants to the Next Generation Plenary at the International Astronautical Congress, set to take place 12-16 October, 2020 in Dubai. The deadline for the first round of applications is 24 January 2020.

The event will focus on how students and young professionals are participating in Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) to inspire and innovate for the next generation. Public/Private Partnerships are vital to the growing space economy and for the future of space exploration.


Panellists will be selected who demonstrate outstanding existing contributions to one or more of the following categories:

  • Researching/studying the impact of Public/Private Partnerships
  • Utilizing Public/Private Partnerships in their current work or studies and projections of its future impact
  • Demonstrating/advocating to decision-makers how Public/Private Partnerships can solve challenges in their country or region

Panellists will be selected via a global competitive process to identify the best candidates and showcase the diversity of successful efforts in the area of Public/Private Partnerships.

To apply, the candidate must be a student or young professional, aged from 21 to 35 years old on 1st January 2020. The first round of application calls on candidates to create a 15-second video telling the judges very briefly the subject of the project they are working on that they would speak about on the panel, and why they should be selected to address the IAC. The video must be posted on YouTube.

The International Astronautical Congress has been held every year since 1950. Global, multidisciplinary, and covering all space sectors and topics, IAC offers everyone the latest space information and above all new contacts and potential partnerships.

More details about the selection can be found here.

Image credit: IAF