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Road to ESA’s Council at Ministerial Level “Space19+”

on 28 June 2019

The European Space Agency (ESA) is preparing its next Council at Ministerial Level, which will take place on 27 – 28 November 2019, in Seville, under the name ”Space19+”. In preparation for the Council, ESA has published a blog detailing the main topics to be addressed at the meeting, as well as a questionnaire on Voyage 2050, ESA’s space programme for 2035 – 2050 time frame.

The blog Space19+, Road to ESA’s Council at Ministerial Level is presenting the four main themes to be addressed at the Council: Science & Exploration, Space Safety & Security, Applications and Enabling and Support, which together contain 14 sub-themes such as: space weather, space debris, observing the Earth, Future of Telecom, Future of Navigation, Access to Space, Operations, Technology or Basic Activities. Each sub-theme is presented in more detail and information in available in Romanian.

At the same time, ESA invites the public to express their opinion through a questionnaire, regarding the space programme for 2035 – 2050 time frame, Voyage 2050. The participants will have de opportunity to be included in a lottery for winning a gift voucher of 100 euro. The survey requires no expert knowledge and it is intended for citizens of ESA’s Member States, including Romania, but no nationality is excluded. Participants must be over 16 years old.

ESA’s Ministerial Councils bring together ESA’s Member States and observers every two to three years to decide on new proposals and funding for ESA’s next years of work. The next one, called ‘Space19+’, will be held in November 2019. European ministers in charge of space activities will gather in Sevilla, Spain, to decide on ESA’s vision for the future of Europe in space.

Space19+ will be an opportunity to direct Europe’s ‘next generation’ ambitions in space, and address the challenges facing not only the European space sector but also European society as a whole. This proposal includes the Director General’s plan for space programmes to be carried out by the Agency beyond 2019, and covers all aspects of space activities: science and exploration, applications, access to space, operations, research and development. It also puts ESA in a world-leading position in the emerging field of space safety and security.

Image credit: ESA