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8-Band Research Challenge

on 24 January 2011

Mr. Dragos Bratasanu, researcher at the Romanian Space Agency, received from the company DigitalGlobe ( the High-Quality Paper prize in the 8-band Challenge research competition held at the end of last year.

 For the first time in history, researchers in remote sensing and GIS have access to high resolution images with 8 spectral bands. The competition aims at awarding the best papers proposing operational methods to use optical WorldView-2 satellite data. Participants were given test multispectral images  and a few weeks to test and evaluate their processing algorithms onDigitalGlobe data.

  • The fields of interest for the organizers were:
  • Land Use Land Cover Analysis
  • Environmental Mapping and Monitoring
  • Coastal Habitat Mapping
  • Feature Extraction

From over 70 articles submitted in the first stage of the competition, the judges awarded 15 prizes, including that of our colleague. Mr. Brătăşanu's paper, "Bridging the Gap Between Research and Operations - A WorldView of the Environment", presents a series of interactive algorithms for processing satellite images with very high spatial resolution. Some of the methods described in this article were developed within the ROSA projects in the past two years. The paper can be downloaded at: DigitalGlobe.pdf

Organizers from DigitalGlobe awarded the papers that presented innovative research ideas that can be implemented immediately on operational software packages. Another aim of the competition was the discovery of methods to add value to WorldView-2 data in a wide range of applications. The winning papers abstracts are published by DigitalGlobe in the copetition;s brochure which can be accessed at: 8-Band Research Findings Brochure.pdf

The prizes were awarded during the Geospatial World Forum, held in Hyderabad, India, on 18-21 January 2011. The India conference was a convergence environment for researchers, scientists, politicians and geospatial industry investors.

Mr. Brătăşanu recently attended the 34th International Symposium of Remote Sensing for the Environment with "Operational Mapping Technology for Generating High-Level Semantic geoinformation from New Satellite Sensors". The Symposium was held in Sydney, Australia and it has hosted the main discussion forum on remote sensing components of GEOSS Global Earth Observation System of Systems. They are currently implemented by GEO Group on Earth Observation, currently consisting of 80 member countries, 58 organizations and 5 observers.

The General Secretary of ISPRS International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing gave Mr. Brătăşanu a recognition award for the paper presented at the event.
At the end of July, Mr. Brătăşanu will attend IGARSS 2011 - IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium ( to be held in Vancouver in Canada. The technical Committee of IEEE IGARSS awarded our colleague a travel prize for the paper "Semantic information discovery in satellite images."