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The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) was decorated by the President of Romania

on 02 December 2015

The Romanian Space Agency is honoured to have received a prestigious decoration from the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Johannis, on 1 December 2015, during a ceremony held at the Cotroceni Palace.

The President offered the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) the Order of "Cultural Merit", the Officer rank, category H - "Scientific research" as a sign of appreciation towards the Agency's 20 years long activity, an anniversary celebrated on 20 November this year.

As an internationally renowned institution, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) was congratulated by the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Johannis, for its efforts in the fields of innovation and research, which are essential areas for Romania's development. Therefore, ROSA was decorated as a sign of appreciation for its significant contribution in the coordination of national activities for research, space applications and security.

"I did not want to let this National Day pass without awarding and highlighting the individual and institutional contribution to the strengthening and development of the Romanian contemporary society. [...] Your institution, which celebrates 20 years of activity, is a distinguish symbol of Romanian innovation. You have already proven your ability to bring Romanian innovation to the European and international community by informing and supporting Romanian organisations so that they can benefit from the opportunities offered by the programmes of the European Space Agency", declared Mr. Klaus Johannis.

Together with representatives of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), other important representatives of the Romanian Academy and Radio France Internationale Romania were decorated by the President, who added that together with ROSA, these institutions "proved, through their achievements, a sustained effort directed towards a strong and prosperous Romania”.

Ceremonie decorare ROSA 1

Image credit: Presidential Administration of Romania

Ceremonie decorare ROSA 3

Image credit: ROSA