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The European astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is coming back from space on Thursday, 11 June

on 09 June 2015

After completing her mission aboard of the International Space Station (ISS), Samantha Cristoforetti will land on the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Thursday, 11 June, at 16:43 Romania time, 19:43 Kazakhstan time, together with the Russian Soyuz commander Anton Shkaplerov and NASA astronaut Terry Virts, all three part of the Station’s Expedition 42/43 crew.

The Futura mission was extended after Russia’s Progress 59 freighter failed to arrive at the Station on May. Details here.

After being selected as an ESA astronaut in May 2009, Samantha joined ESA in September 2009 and completed basic astronaut training in November 2010. In July 2012 she was assigned to an Italian Space Agency ASI mission aboard the International Space Station, which was launched on a Soyuz spacecraft from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in November 2014.

On this mission, Samantha is flying as an ESA astronaut for Italy’s ASI space agency under a special agreement between ASI and NASA. She served as a flight engineer on the ISS' Futura mission, which aims to highlight the science and technology research she will run in weightlessness. After completing this mission, she will beat two records and will become the Italian astronaut who spent the most consecutive days in space, surpassing the 175-day period belonging to Paolo Nespoli, and the absolute international women, surpassing by 5 days the 2007 record of the American astronaut Sunita Williams, who remained in orbit for 195 days.

During her staying aboard the International Space Station, the Italian astronaut made science cool and accessible to those on the ground eager to learn by providing the public with her views of life aboard the international Space Station. Cristoforetti became the first person ever to drink espresso in space and she also provided a video tour of the ISS bathroom, answering some of the basic questions many people ask about how astronauts stay clean and carry out other bathroom activities in the microgravity environment. The astronaut took many photos of the Earth and of cities around the world, publishing many on her personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. She is active online, reaching out to her fans as @AstroSamanatha on Twitter and Samantha Cristoforetti on Facebook.

The live transmission of ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti coming back to Earth this 11 June will show - if the weather permits - the final descent and landing of the Soyuz capsule, the crew getting out and their first moments and reactions back on Earth.

The event will be broadcasted here.

Approximately 7-8 hours later there should also be highlights of the short welcoming ceremony in Kazakhstan and Samantha's first interview comments.

Image credit: ROSA