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Info Day for the third call for FP6 proposals

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The second agreement signed between Romania and the European Space Agency (ESA) in October 1999 opened prospects for initiating industrial cooperation between Romania and the European body.

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In october 1999 a second agreement was signed between the Government of Romania and European Space Agency (ESA). This was an opening for cooperation opportunities in several domains, including space industry. On January 24-25, 2001, Sinaia, Romania, ROSA, togheter with ESA and Eurisy, will organize "ESA - Romania Space Industry Workshop".

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Romanian Space Agency organized the first workshop dedicated to the third millennium - the space millennium: "Magnetic Bacteria - a Transition from Physics to Biology", on Wednesday, January 12,2000, at the Scientists' House in Lahovary Square.
Dr. Marius-Ioan PISO from the Romanian Space Agency and Institute of Space Sciences - "Magnetic Bacteria and Magnetic Fluids", Dr. Radu POPA from the Institute of Speology and Jet Propulsion Laboratory - "Magnetic Bacteria", and Dr. Ladislau VEKAS from the Institute of Complex Fluids - "Magnetic Liquids and Their Biomedical Applications" - lectured and answered the guests' questions for two hours.

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