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The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), the national coordinator of space activities, is joining the international space community in celebrating the annual event World Space Week (WSW), between 4-12 October. World Space Week 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of the declaration of this special week by the United Nations in 1999. Starting with only a handful of events in the early days, World Space Week has now grown into the largest public space event on Earth: last year over 1,400 events were organized in 80 countries on all continents, including Antarctica, and popularity is still growing.

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The deadline for proposals for the C2-2013 competition , STAR Programme, it is postpoed from 09.09.2013, 24:00 on 13.09.2013, 24:00. (Note 2321 / TP / 05.09.2013, the Ministry of National Education)

New C2-2013 Competition calendar, STAR Programme.

More information about C2-STAR competition can be found here.


Update 13.03.2015: The sixth Galileo satellite of Europe’s navigation system has now entered its corrected target orbit, which will allow detailed testing to assess the performance of its navigation payload. Details here.

Update 28.08.2014: Operations continue smoothly for Galileo Sat 5-6. Both satellites now have both sets of their solar arrays fully deployed and generating power. The satellites are safely under control, despite having been released on a lower and elliptical orbit instead of the expected circular orbit on 22 August.

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The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) together with the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) are organising the third European Conference on Space Systems as Critical Infrastructures, from 21 to 22 August 2014, at Golden Tulip Hotel in Mamaia, Black Sea, Romania.

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The third edition of the conference dedicated to Eastern European Copernicus users and service providers will take place on 10 October 2014, in Bucharest, Romania. The conference is co-organised by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), the European Space Agency (ESA) and EURISY, supported by the European Commission and hosted by the Romanian Ministry of National Education at the Palace of the Parliament.

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