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The Romanian Space Agency presents the benefits of the Copernicus Programme for Eastern Europe, in Bucharest

on 20 May 2013

Representatives of the Romanian Space Agency, the European Commission, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the non-profit organization Eurisy are coming to Bucharest to present the benefits and opportunities of the Copernicus Programme for Eastern European. The event is organized by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and is held on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 and Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at Parliament House.

Copernicus is a European system that will increase the safety of European citizens by providing vital information for the six thematic areas: land, sea, atmosphere, climate, emergency and security management situations.

Copernicus monitors and provides forecasts regarding the oceans, the Earth's atmosphere and ground areas based on data gathered by the satellites that are observerving the Earth but also by the sensors placed in the soil, water and atmosphere. Because of its ability to monitor and fast mapping, Copernicus also support humanitarian relief activities in the case of natural disasters, industrial accidents or humanitarian crises.

Users of the data provided by Copernicus are primarily public authorities seeking to develop public policy on environmental protection or must take critical decisions about emergency situations, but also users in areas such as agriculture, urban management, forestry , fisheries, health, transport, tourism.

In the opening keynote representatives of the:

  • Romanian Parliament
  • Ministry of Education
  • Romanian Space Agency
  • European Space Agency
  • European Commission

Among other presentations from the program we include:

  • How Europe prepares for Copernicus - projects and actions in the Member States, particularly in Eastern Europe, moderated by Thomas Beer, ESA;
  • Forestry Services in Europe - Project EUFODOS Paul Milenov, Resaca, Bulgaria;
  • Services of data and information for the Black Sea - ESPOSS, Florin Serban, ASRC (Advanced Studies and Research Centre)
  • Sustainable management of irrigation. Cases of Romania. Cristian Moses Romanian Space Agency
  • Successfull story: Satellite applications for river navigation. Romeo Soare, Director, River Administration of the Lower Danube, Romania

Update: conclusions of the conference can be downloaded as pdf document.

At the event location presentation stands of the organizations involved in the project Copernicus will be present
The complete agenda and more details about the event can be found on the event page.

Media representatives may attend the event only based on accreditation.
This is done through email to oana.sandu at or phone 0724 024 625 stating the organization, the names of the representatives who will be present, contact information and potential requested interviews.