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Experiment: high altitude balloon flight

on 26 October 2011

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) participated on 15 October this year at a high altitude balloon flight experiment. Initiator and supporter of this project was the "Ştiinţa şi Tehnică" magazine.

The scientist Florin Mingireanu from ROSA assured the technical coordination, design and construction of flight systems and flight integration.

From the "Ştiinţa şi Tehnică" magazine, Catalin Beldea was in charge of the photo / video loading platform and he is also the project initiator.

The flight was supported by the YO3KSR radioamateur club, headed by Mr. Adrian Florescu - the expert of the radio tracking team

In the experiment the baloon and its scientific load reached a maximum altitude of 35,304 meters. The launch took place at 44°49.88' N 28°01.98' E and the landing took place on the Big Island of Braila, west from Agaua, at 44°49.88' N 28°01.98' E.

During the flight were transmitted the real-time position and two other parameters:

- Temperature of platform

- Power supply of the radio tracking system

The main objective of this flight was taking HD photos and video and als the recovery of the nacelle. These were made ​​entirely, during the flight onboard systems making more than 500 photos and 3 hours of HD shooting.

The payload consisted of:

1) 144.800 Mhz radio tracking system

2) HD-camcorder for recording on board

3) 12 MP camera for board recording

4) Real-time television system

"Starting 24 October, a documentary about the operation of the flight can be tracked on and a unique photo story about the whole experiment, with many spectacular photographs plus a special poster will be published in the next issue of the journal, which will be out on the market on November 7. "