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Press release - IAA PDC 2011

on 07 May 2011

Between 9-12 May  Romania will host the second Planetary Defense Conference in the halls of Parliament Palace in Bucharest. The event is sponsored by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and is co-organized by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). The topic of the event is the protection of the planet from the impact of asteroids and other cosmic objects. More than 150 specialists from major space agencies of the world will discuss both scientific and technical, legal and political on the planetary protection, with the main objective "From threat to Action".

Romania joined the European Space Agency Convention on 20 January 2011, the agreement being signed by Jean-Jacques Dordain, the ESA Director, and Marius-Ioan Piso, Director General of the Romanian Space Agency. The full member state of ESA status offers to the Romania organizations access to all programs run, and this is an important technology transfer. Romania's ESA membership leads to important safeguards for both research and development areas, and national high-tech industry. Direct access to ESA space systems will enable the development of space applications for agriculture, environment, transport, disaster measurement, telemedicine.

ESA is involved in planetary defense through the Space Situational Awareness program, authorized in November 2008 during the ESA Ministerial Council and launched in 2009. The operations will be implemented in 2012-2019 and the program aims to support the use and independent access to space by providing accurate information, data and services related to outer space, in particular related to the disasters that can occur in the infrastructure from the ground or on the orbit.

An important planetary defense role has COPUOS - UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, whose president is the Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu. COPUOS was established by the UN General Assembly in 1959 and has the duty to review international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space, to approve field programs for inclusion under UN auspices, to encourage research and dissemination of information on extra atmospheric issues and to analyze legal issues arising from the exploration of outer space.

The International Academy of Astronautics was founded in 1960 and promotes the development of astronautics for peaceful purposes, recognizes scientists who have distinguished themselves in the field of space science and technology, providing a program through which members can contribute to international efforts and cooperation for the development of space and aerospace science.

Before of this conference, the Romanian Space Agency in collaboration with the Space Generation Advisory Council is organizing the Future of Planetary Defense event dedicated to young people and students. This event will take place on Sunday, 8 May at 13:30, at the UPB Rector, Senate Hall, and the entry is free.
Friday, 13 May 2011, will take place the event "Workshop on Future Small Bodies Missions: Discussing the Synergies Between" at Hotel Ibis Parliament, 82-84 Izvor Street, A + B Eminescu Room. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts from the NEO community (Near Earth Objects) to discuss the synergies between science, exploration and planetary defense. The workshop is open to all interested participants.

Also, there will be a tribute session for the 50th anniversary of the first flight of a man into space and 30 years since the first flight in space of a Romanian cosmonaut, Friday, 13 May 2011 at 10.00 in the Aula of the Romanian Academy, Calea Victoriei 125.