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The finals of the 2018 CanSat National Competition, Constanța, 3–6 May

on 02 May 2018

Between 3 and 6 May 2018, nine teams of high school students will participate in the Finals of the 2018 CanSat National Competition. The event is organised by ESERO Romania, a project of the European Space Agency (ESA) in partnership with the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA). The Constanța County School Inspectorate and the National College „Mircea cel Batran" in Constanta are partners for this year's edition, in collaboration with the Alexandru Podgoreanu International Airport "Tuzla".

The programme of the competition finals is as follows:

  • 3 May, 14:30, at the National College „Mircea cel Batran", in Constanța: Opening ceremony and first team presentations;
  • 4 May, 11:00, on the Alexandru Podgoreanu International Airport "Tuzla", Constanta: Launch of the CanSats from the airplane, at an altitude of 1000m;
  • 5 May, 14:00 – 19:00, at the National College „Mircea cel Batran", in Constanta: Final presentations of the participating teams and the award ceremony.

The teams selected for the final round of the competition are:

  • Team „Sincron”, Technical College „Ion Creangă”, Targu Neamt, coordinated by Mr. SAUCIUC Gheorghe;
  • Team „TOMIS 4”, National College „Mircea cel Batran", Constanta, coordinated by Mr. BARARU Ion;
  • Team „Carmen Sylva 3: Inspiration”, Theoretical High School „Carmen Sylva”, Eforie Sud, coordinated by Mr. SERBU Florin Constantin;
  • Team „IVEX („Ienachita Vacarescu Explorers")”, National College „Ienachita Vacarescu”, Targoviste, coordinated by Mrs. VOICULESCU Mihaela;
  • Team „Thunderbolt”, National College of Informatics “Matei Basarab”, Ramnicu-Valcea, coordinated by Mrs. RADU Emilia;
  • Team „Flying Bots”, CoderDojo Timisoara @Startup Hub (Moisil), Timisoara, coordinated by Mr. TICIU Radu;
  • Team „Team eXplorers”, Technological High School “Nicolae Teclu”, Copșa Mică, coordinated by Mr. BERGER Denis Adrian;
  • Team „Mikó18-CanSat”, Theoretical High School „Székely Mikó”, Sfantu Gheorghe, coordinated by Mrs. PETŐ Maria;
  • Team „Canescent”, National College of Informatics „Tudor Vianu”, București, coordinated by Mrs. STOICA Ioana.

The CanSat competition is a simulation of a satellite integrated in the volume and shape of a standard dose of a soft drink. The challenge for students is to include all major subsystems of a satellite — such as those for electricity and communications — into a 330 ml dose of a refreshment drink.

The CanSat will be launched from an altitude of about one kilometre, will have to perform a mission and land safely. Projects selected for this year's edition will be launched using an airplane. The launching campaign will take place at the Alexandru Podgoreanu Tuzla International Airport.

Prior to the launch, the CanSat prepared by each team will undergo a technical inspection to determine whether it meets the requirements for size, weight, radio communications and parachute.

The winning team of the National Competition will qualify directly for the Finals of the 2018 European CanSat Competition, organised by the European Space Agency.

More details about CanSats in Europe are available on the official ESERO Romania website and the CanSats website.

Media representatives can participate at the event. Accreditation of journalists can be done at this here.

Image credit: ROSA