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PROJECT TITLE: SEREN I - SEcurity REsearch Ncp network — phase I

Coordinator: Research Executive Agency

Partners: Romanian Space Agency - ROSA + 26 other partners

Period: 18 months

Project Director:


SEREN2 is a project funded by FP7 Security, to improve NCP security services throug transnational activities.

Project objectives:

  • The aim of the SEREN coordination action is to link the different NCPs of the Security research programme, to initiate coordination in the network, and to improve the quality of the network and, as a matter of fact, the ability of its members to deliver a high level of service to the community. Security Research presents several specificities as compared to other COOPERATION's thematic priorities. In consequence, perhaps more than in the other FP7 programmes and thematic priorities, there is a strong necessity to inform and support the European Security Research community to participate to FP7.
  • However, because ESRP is a new programme within FP7, NCPs are also new to the domain and the level of experience is therefore heterogeneous. Therefore, we believe that there is a need to reinforce the network of National Contact Points of the Security Research thematic priority. The SEREN-phase I project shall last over an 18 months period towards the implementation of an established and performing NCP network in security research.
  • identifying the needs of the network and initiating coordination among network members
  • increasing knowledge of NCPs on European security environment
  • coordination to enhance transnational cooperation and training
  • dissemination of results within the network


WP1 - Improving the NCP network

  • T1.1: Identifying needs and the NCPs potential for security and stakeholders
  • T1.2: Guidelines for NCPs and Knowledge Pool
  • T1.3: Methodology for creating a target group and relationship
  • T1.4: Website

WP2 - Analysis of national systems, of programs and support structures

  • T2.1: Identifying and comparing of national research systems for security
  • T2.2: Identification of support structures
  • T2.3: Dissemination

WP3 - Promoting transnational cooperation and training

  • T3.1: Defining a common system for partners search
  • T3.2: Presentation of partner search results at national events and SRC'08 support
  • T3.3: Training session

WP4 - Project management and communication

  • T4.1 Management and Coordination
  • T4.2: Organising of Executive Committees and writing minutes
  • T4.3: Organising 3 plenary meetings and report writing
  • T4.4: Communication with European actors and monitoring policies and actions relevant to European security


Project webpage: I SEREN