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PROJECT TITLE: GEOLAND2 - Towards an Operational GMES Land Monitoring Core Service


Partners: ROSA - The Romanian Space Agency


Project Director:

Description: There are 54 partners in GEOLAND2 consortium.

This project was cofinanced by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding trough the CAPACITIES Programme, contract no. 52EU.

GEOLAND2 intends to constitute a major step forward in the implementation of the GMES Land Monitoring Core Service (LMCS). The three components (Local, Continental and Global) of the LMCS are addressed. The architecture of geoland2 is made of two different layers, the Core Mapping Services (CMS) and the Core Information Services (CIS).

Project objective:

The goal of GEOLAND2 is:

  • to prepare, validate and demonstrate pre-operational service chains and products that will underpin the LMCS
  • to propose and demonstrate a concrete functional organization of the LMCS.


  • The Continental and Local Components (EUROLAND) comprises the subsystems
  • Quality Assurance as an independent facility monitoring various consortia providing local to continental LMCS services
  • Production nodes for Land Cover / Land Cover Change in HR mode
  • Production nodes for Area Frame Sampling (as part of the Seasonal / Annual Change Monitoring)
  • European network of mainly commercial service providers, establishing consortia in response to public tenders
  • ROSA is involved in WP 1323 from Euroland: Cross cutting issues/ New sensors.
  • RTD activities will aim to investigate capacity of new sensors for solving generic problems applicable for LMCS local, regional and continental mapping.
  • Activities will be grouped into two main categories

forest mapping (1323_F);
urban mapping (1323_U).


Project webpage: GEOLAND2 or GEOLAND2.