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Project title: EEGS2- Egnos Extension to Eastern Europe: Applications


Partners: ROSA - The Romanian Space Agency


Project Director:

Description: The EEGS2 project is aimed to demonstrate the benefits of EGNOS, EDAS and Galileo through applications in the Eastern countries of Europe.

This project is cofinanced by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding trough the CAPACITIES Programme, contract no. 182EU.

Project objectives:

  • To demonstrate through flight trials the benefits of EGNOS in areas of Eastern Europe where EGNOS is not available.
  • To study the impact of the SBAS technology in transport management
  • To promote EDAS, EGNOS and Galileo


  • WP1. Project management
  • WP2. Feasibility studies
  • WP 2.1 SBAS Flight Trials and Procedures Studies
  • WP 2.2 SBAS Road Applications Studies o WP 2.3 Commercial and Market Studies
  • WP 3- Aplications in Eastern Europe and Russia
  • WP 3.1 SBAS Flight Trials and Procedures
  • WP 3.2 SBAS Road Applications
  • WP 3.3 Market Trials Reports and Business Plans
  • WP 4- Conclusions and Way Forward
  • WP 4.1 Project conclusions
  • WP 4.2 Applications Road Map
  • WP 5- Promotion of results
  • WP 5.1 Dissemination Plan
  • WP 5.2 Results Dissemination ROSA is involved in all activities except the project management activities.


Project webpage: EEGS2