PROJECT TITLE: ROKEO ROKEO — Romanian Knowledge — Centered Earth Observation

Coordinator: Research Center of the Romanian Space Agency - ROSA


Period: 2008 - 2011

Project Director:


The system built from RoKEO and RoSSE servers is considered as a connection point between the EO knowledge users, data suppliers and services providers offering them a real time interaction possibility. Services providers can upload their products to RoSSE servers offering a constant access to the services for the registered users.

The RoKEO and RoSSE main objective id to provide the opportunity for connecting different services from different suppliers from the Romanian Portal for Earth Observation, in order to extend the already on the market products and services. It aims to provide an open environment for EO service providers, GIS service providers and users. To this end, a high-performance platform will be created for knowledge focused on combining image processing, extraction of information from image and extracting image features. The platform is interface for themed EO applications, integrating EO products and geodata from multiple suppliers with different levels of access for end users.

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